Skills Development & Training

Volunteer Tutor Training

This training is provided at no cost to those wishing to participate in the Volunteer Tutor Program. After five hours of classroom instruction, participants are matched with a learner and then mentored and supported by a program coordinator. The training covers topics such as positive learning experiences, techniques for tutoring reading and writing, working with ESL learners and lesson planning. Training is held in the spring and fall. To find out more, please call 604-701-9794 or email

“Welcome to Literacy” Workshop

The “Welcome to Literacy” workshop is for any community member interested in literacy, current literacy volunteers, and people who may have an interest in volunteering. The purpose of this workshop is to explore together our understanding of the word literacy. What does it mean to be literate? or illiterate? How does the media define these terms? How do you personally define them? How do our definitions influence the work we do in community? Attending this workshop will give you the opportunity to participate in motivating and creative discussions about why literacy continues to be vital for all and a chance to develop your own personal statement about literacy.

This workshop is generally provided twice annually (spring and fall). Contact Debbie Denault, Literacy Outreach Coordinator at 604-392-2404 or for upcoming dates and details.

Here’s what people say about the workshop:

  • Frame of reference is so important when connecting with others.
  • From our bias we cannot see everything. We need to learn to be respectful and open-minded.
  • Group discussions were valuable. I learned from others and the facilitator.