“Read While You Wait” Ladybug Book Bins

Children who are exposed to books and are read to, tend to do better in school; go farther in their education; and are healthier and more successful throughout life. But not all families can afford to buy books for their children, or they may not know the value of reading to their child, or may even have trouble reading themselves.

That’s why we provide bins of gently used quality children’s books in various host sites across Chilliwack. They’re easy to spot because they are wooden lady bugs – a symbol of joy.

Young children and their parents or caregivers enjoy the books together while they wait for service. With the help of volunteers, the bins are moved between hosts so returning children can discover new stories. And no one minds if a book goes missing. It’s likely it went home with a child to be read and loved – it can easily be replaced.

This project is made possible through contributions of expertise, books, discounts, book bins, volunteer time, and funds. Thank you to all who contribute.

Contact Annette Williams, Literacy Outreach Coordinator at 604-392-2404 or literacyoutreach@chilliwacklearning.com to find out more, request a Ladybug Book Bin or to volunteer with this program.