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Here are some of our videos. For more, see our YouTube channel.

One Good Book Short

Scott and Ben briefly talk about how, at the age of 21, the joy of reading captured each of them, and invite you to tell about your #onegoodbook.

One Good Book

Scott and Ben talk about how, at the age of 21, the joy of reading captured each of them. They found their #onegoodbook, so can you.

Silver Surfers iPad program

The iPad may be one of the more simple computers available, but it still is complicated. So there’s a group of seniors that teaches other seniors just how to use it. Thank you to ShawTV for the video.

Ladybug Book Bins

Thank you to ShawTV Fraser Valley for featuring our Book Bin program.

City-Wide Literacy Challenge

Thanks to volunteer Steve Esau for being the literacy champion in this 23 second video that encourages everyone in Chilliwack to take the 21 day City-Wide Literacy Challenge. Thanks also to the Chilliwack Chiefs for playing the video at their hockey games; and to Art of Living Productions for their fine work.

Christmas Reading To Loved Ones

This video provides images of the beautiful Christmas Reading to Loved Ones program. Since 2009, the CLS has partnered with Ford Mountain Correctional Centre to provide opportunity for inmates to read for their loved ones at Christmas. The video would not have been possible without volunteers Colleen Johnson, Dan Douglas, Vicki Hick, and Riley Drennan and family.

Stress-Free Math Homework for Parents

This video describes a literacy program that helps parents increase their math confidence. Parents learn math games and activities to play with children from kindergarten to grade 6. The Stress Free Math Homework for Parents video was made possible by Chilliwack School District 33, Cultus Lake Elementary School administration, parents and children; and instructor Wendy Toth.

Ladybug Book Bins

The Read While You Wait ladybug book bin program is celebrated with this video, which was produced by Art of Living Productions and features volunteers Chrissy Johnson, Donna Gannon and Marilynne Black. The back drop scenes show some of the many businesses and community agencies who are involved with this program.

ESLSAP Chilliwack

We train Chilliwack volunteers to help English learners improve speaking, listening, reading and writing. To mentor a newcomer, email and help make Chilliwack an inclusive community!

Silver Surfers Project

The Silver Surfers Project,which engages senior participants with trained volunteers, offers free one-on-one sessions for seniors interested in learning how to operate an iPad. The program teaches iPad skills at a comfortable pace under the tutelage of patient volunteers, many of whom are seniors themselves. Participants may bring their own iPad or learn on the iPad provided by the CLS volunteer.

Always Have a Plan

Watch what happens when Adam and his friend Mike head out to shop. Planned spending is helping Adam get more for his money – but what about Mike? This video is one of five produced by Agency Media for Chilliwack’s “Money for Living” financial literacy project.

Financial Literacy Overview

Adam and Mike are friends who have two ways of managing money. Find out if it makes any difference to use a budget, borrow wisely, plan spending, and save regularly. This video is one of five produced for Chilliwack’s “Money for Living” financial literacy project by Agency Media.

Emergency Fund

Adam looks stress-free because he’s getting ahead of problems – expected and unexpected – by planning and saving. This video is one of 5 produced for Chilliwack’s “Money for Living” financial literacy project by Agency Media.

Use a Budget

Adam has a goal to become debt free. His new budget is going to help him manage his savings and expenses, and reach his goal. This video is one of 5 produced for Chilliwack’s ‘Money for Living” financial literacy project by Agency Media

Manage Your Money

Is Mike managing his money – or is his money managing him? All debts are not created equal. How he chooses to borrow money, and pay it back makes a big difference in his monthly costs and stress levels. This video is one of 5 produced for Chilliwack’s “Money for Living” financial literacy project by Agency Media.

Call Out for Volunteers

Watch Ross explain how meaningful it is to be a literacy volunteer with the Chilliwack Learning Society. His enthusiasm takes him far and wide while he calls out for others to join him. Phone 604-392-2404 or email to find out how you can help.

Family Literacy Volunteer Training

This video invites people to become family literacy volunteers with the Chilliwack Learning Society. The training is fun & interactive and prepares people to help with the Ladybug book bin project; become community readers; or facilitate Marci’s Family Literacy Workshop. It can also be of interest to volunteer tutors helping adults in Family Literacy programs.

Raise a Reader Funds Thanks

Chilliwack Learning Society receives Raise a Reader funds for investment in Chilliwack’s Family Literacy programs. This video expresses thanks from fund recipients and describes the money at work in the community.

Citrus-y Literacy

The Book Man in Chillwack has held annual fundraisers to help pay for literacy initiatives across Chilliwack. This video describes the inception of that initiative. Thank you, The Book Man!

An Introduction to the Chilliwack Learning Society and Literacy

This video provides an introduction to the Chilliwack Learning Society, and the topics of literacy and learning. It was filmed at Decades Coffee Club in Chilliwack in January 2012. Thank you to : Shaw TV Chilliwack, The Book Man, Art of Living Productions, Decades Coffee Club and the additional 9 volunteers who participated in this video.