City-Wide Literacy Challenge


Thank you for participating in the 2018 City-Wide Literacy Challenge. Drop off your completed ballot by March 10th to Chilliwack, Sardis or Yarrow library, or email it to

Here were this year’s details.

Get ready to read 20 minutes a day and join the City-Wide Literacy Challenge, February 1-28. Record your reading on this ballot, and return the ballot to Chilliwack, Sardis or Yarrow library, or email it Try out a new reading format, such as audiobooks, magazines, or graphic novels.

With the City-Wide Literacy Challenge, we’re launching #onegoodbook, a community sharing initiative where people tell their own stories about when, where, or how reading captivated them. If you have a Facebook account, post a picture, video, or story about your own experience. Please include #onegoodbook somewhere in your post and mention @ChilliwackLearning so that we can feed it onto our page to keep the momentum going. If you don’t have a Facebook account, send your story to and we’ll post it on our page.

Here’s a short introduction video.There is also a 4 minute version in which Ben and Scott tell their stories in more detail.

Now it’s your turn, what’s your story?

Each February we invite everyone in Chilliwack to improve their literacy skills by taking the City-Wide Literacy Challenge. Participants read or complete literacy challenges for as many days as they can; they then record their information on a ballot which is dropped off at participating ballot box locations or emailed to us. After the ballots are gathered, a prize draw is held.