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Literacy Programs & Services

Providing support to individuals to achieve their literacy goals.

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer based literacy outreach programs in our community.


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How We Started

The Chilliwack Learning Society (CLS) was incorporated in 1990 as the Fraser Valley East Literacy Association. It was founded by the then Fraser Valley College (now UFV), School District 33, Chilliwack Library, Chilliwack Health, Chilliwack Community Services and numerous local organizations, with the aim to “promote literacy for all groups and individuals” in the community.

How We Do It

Using the Learning Communities framework*, CLS builds relationships and partnerships to better meet the learning needs of all community members, to make possible the successful learning, development and growth of the individual, the family and the community.

What We Do

  • Consult with all various sectors in Chilliwack
  • Develop Community Literacy Plan
  • Work with three task groups
  • Focus on five strategies

Through a broad consultation process with civic, public, economic, education and volunteer sectors of Chilliwack, and with funds and support from Legacies 2010 Literacy Now, CLS developed the Community Literacy Plan. The plan sets out five strategies, two focused on young children and their families, one on youth, one on adults and one on workplace essential skills. Task groups comprised of CLS and community members, work to achieve the outcomes identified in the respective strategies.

  1. Provide services and programs to adults who wish to learn; supporting them to achieve their personal or workplace goals.
  1. Reach out to parents and caregivers of young children. Give them skills, tools and support to develop a love of learning and school-readiness in the child.
  1. Work alongside the existing system of family development programs to increase pre-literacy supports and program sustainability.
  1. Work alongside community agencies to encourage and develop learning opportunities for youth to progress beyond their current capabilities.
  1. Work with local businesses to create or improve literacy and employability skills training in the workplace.


* The Learning Communities framework is an internationally embraced asset-based model of community development. Its twin objectives are environmentally sustainable development and social inclusion. The model strategically links healthy individual lifestyles with healthy community and uses the concept of lifelong learning as an organizing principle.

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