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The Volunteer Tutor Program is a volunteer-based literacy outreach program. Trained volunteers tutor and mentor adults in our community, including those returning to complete academic goals, seeking to understand their finances more, newcomers wanting to improve their English, and other learning goals, who would appreciate a little help from someone else.

The program has a “learner centered” approach, which means that there is no curriculum, but that learners and tutors work on goals as decided upon by the learner. Learners and tutors work together in one-on-one pairs, in small groups, or in classrooms.

Matching learners with tutors, and tutors with programs is part of the work of the Volunteer Tutor Program Coordinator. The matching process takes into consideration the preferences, skills and availability of learners and tutors, as well as the needs of the organization.

Ongoing training, resources and support are provided to the tutors by the Chilliwack Learning Society. Volunteers will be expected to submit a free Criminal Records Check.

For more information or to apply complete the adjacent form or contact Michelle Rickaby at 604-701-9794.

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    Chilliwack Learning Society board and working committee members bring a variety of backgrounds, but share one thing in common: a passion for literacy.

    Board members are responsible for the overall philosophical direction taken by the CLS and meet six times a year. Working committees consist of the Adult Literacy task group and the Financial Literacy Committee. Working committees meet monthly.

    If you would like to join our board or get involved with one of our working committees, please complete the adjacent form or call 604-392-2404.

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