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Lesson 1

Choosing Your Financial Institution

Lesson 2

Breakdown of a Credit Score

Lesson 3

Foiling Identity Theft

Lesson 4

Boost Your Credit Score

Lesson 5

Budgeting Basics

Lesson 6

Compound Interest Mind Bend

Lesson 7

The 7 Co-operative Principles

Lesson 8

Comparing Cards

Lesson 9

Emergency Fund Boot Camp

Lesson 10

Leasing vs. Buying A New Car

Lesson 11

Living on Your Own

Lesson 12

Common Money Beliefs

Lesson 13

Loan Basics

Lesson 14

Investment Vehicles

Lesson 15

Know Your Chequing Account

Lesson 16

Predatory Lending

Lesson 17

Understanding Inflation

Lesson 18

Intro to Insurance

Lesson 19

How to Save On Groceries

Lesson 20

Mortgages Demystified

Lesson 21

Organizing Your Finances

Lesson 22

Rule of 72

Lesson 23

Earning Money Online

Lesson 24

Good vs. Bad Spending

Lesson 25

Income Essentials

Lesson 26

Student Loans 101

Lesson 27

Trends in the Stock Market

Lesson 28

Buying a Used Car

Lesson 29

Saving for Retirement

Lesson 30

Acing the Job Interview

Lesson 31

How to Spot Scams

Lesson 32

Let’s Talk Taxes

Lesson 33

After Grad: Work or College?

Lesson 34

Growing Your Money Locally

Lesson 35

Using Your Credit Card

Lesson 36

Pay Yourself First

Lesson 37

Strategies For Debt Repayment

Lesson 38

How to Save on Tuition

Lesson 39

Owning vs Renting A Home

Lesson 40

Building a Budget

Lesson 41

Writing a Business Plan

Lesson 42

Paying for Pets