Money for Living

The Financial Literacy Initiative respects and empowers each person to take control of their life by improving their financial literacy skills, through community support. It is all about helping people in Chilliwack to get information to increase their skills in managing their money. Finances affect every aspect of our lives. Our financial choices determine how we manage our debt, our savings, our diet and health,  housing, transportation, education, families and our aging lives. It is therefore no surprise that life changes affect our financial affairs, and that each of us can use financial literacy to optimize our entire lives.

Money for Living can direct you to useful resources such as books, websites, videos, and local organizations.

Be sure to check out our Money for Living videos containing helpful information and tips:

1. Financial Literacy Overview

2. Always Have a Plan

3. Emergency Fund

4. Manage Your Money

5. Use a Budget

The Financial Literacy Initiative is a collaborative project of Chilliwack Learning Society and the Chilliwack Healthier Community network. It originated in 2014 as a collaboration between Chilliwack Learning Society and Chilliwack Community Services, with funding provided by Prosper Canada through the TD Financial Literacy Group.